Relocating to British Columbia
Thanks to all those who came out to our Welcome to Canada seminars in Dublin and London:
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We want to welcome you to Canada

Canada Place in Vancouver is a welcome sight in CanadaWelcome to the relocation2BC web site. We are relocation specialists, covering the whole of B.C. This site, like us, is dedicated to helping immigrants relocate to British Columbia. As well as plenty of information, advice and our weekly newsletter we offer a number of relocation services.

What help can you find on this site?

If you are just beginning your research into moving to Canada then begin with the section "Start Here". You will find a lot of information to start your journey to British Columbia, and some of these tips can save your money too!

Where to live?

This question often comes up when you have made the decision that Canada is for you. Our section "Explore BC" will help you with this. We have local experts in most of the major destinations in British Columbia, so even if an area is not mentioned we can probably help - just ask!

What can we do for you?

As relocation specialists we are experienced in helping people make a success of their move to Canada. In our services section we have a number of forms that you can use to contact us and get us working for you. Most of these services are free!

MoneycorpWe strongly advise people to come out to British Columbia to see what it is really like. Internet research helps but nothing beats coming out and seeing for yourself. Contact us before your trip so that we can set you up to meet a local expert in the area and find out all about the place.

Landing or wanting more help?

There are a lot of people wanting to come to B.C. While we help everyone we can, we give priority to those who have filled in our contact form. This gives us and our partners the information we need to help you. So if you want our help please fill in this form. Once we have this we will be in touch with you to discuss how we can best help you.

Introducing us

A testimonial from one of our clientsThis web site is written by us: Sue and Frank Gerryts. We came to Vancouver in summer 2003, along with our four kids, elderly parent and dog. We quickly got into life in Canada. Frank is now a licensed real estate agent in Vancouver. We have also built up a network of partners across British Columbia, so that we can offer the high level of support that immigrants need when moving to a new country.

We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly and supportive approach to relocation. We know that buying a home may well be the last thing on your list! Our service is designed to help you make sure that when you are ready to buy it is the right home in the right area and our network of realtors are there to help you do just that.